Site ID and Acquisition

We offer a full range of services, including:

Site identification

The production of technical site survey reports

Technical site surveys

The evaluation of structural suitability

Lease agreements

Lease negotiations with land and property owners

Negotiations with local authorities and municipalities for build permits

TelHouse’s flexibility allows for either the network operator to suggest areas for network sites, or TelHouse can use its list of current sites to produce a list of possible candidates. Our intelligent and efficient approach takes advantage of established contacts, known site specifications and easier realization of lease and permit agreements.

Site Maintenance

TelHouse provides on-site routine, preventive and remedial maintenance including:

  • Generators and their accessories (batteries, rectifiers, …),
  • Ancillary equipment,
  • Cabling,
  • Transmission equipment,
  • BTS’s,
  • Refueling,
  • Solar.

  • Surveys

    All TelHouse site surveys are performed by engineers who are experts in structural engineering. This allows us to assess the structural suitability of any given site at a very early stage, further accelerating the acquisition process.

    Design and Network Planning

    TelHouse provides planning and network design services for a range of mobile technologies, broadband technologies and broadcast technologies such as GSM, CDMA, WiMax, and WiFi. Our technology experience combined with the broad range of knowledge regarding the implementation of local projects allows us to provide our customers with the most effective and efficient information available. TelHouse is capable of providing reliable and efficient sites at an affordable price.

    Network Rollout

    TelHouse provides a full range of services for the installation and commission of any network including:

    General specifications and requirements for steel works, concrete works and materials etc.

    Shelter and equipment room specifications incl. support requirements

    General Greenfield and Rooftop site layout requirements

    Rooftop antenna support requirements

    Tower, mast and monopole specifications