Omnnea-ME’s has over ten years of construction and construction management in harsh and often hostile environments in Iraq.

Our demonstrated areas of construction expertise include:

  • Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Man-camps and Life Support Areas including Sleeping accommodations, Kitchen and Dining areas, Water Processing, Generators, Power Cabling, Ablutions and plumbing, Sewage Processing Facilities, Recreation Centers, and Offices.
  • Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Security Structures such as T-Walls, Fences, Entry Control Points (including personnel, package, and vehicle scanners), Guard Towers, CCTV Equipment, Overhead Protection, Bunkers, Armories, and moats.
  • Reconstruction of damaged buildings, roads, towers, , and power infrastructure (power lines, relay stations, etc.)
  • Refurbishment and improvement of office buildings, walls, security structures, life support facilities, power structures, , roads, communications towers, and power lines.
  • The diverse backgrounds, experience, and skill sets of Omnnea-ME’s management staff have enabled Omnnea-ME to establish a track record of projects completing on time and within budget. Omnnea-ME’s capabilities offer the flexibility to assist with a wide range of construction tasks and management.

Our Construction services include:

The key to our successful completion of construction projects is based on our commitment to construction planning, project management, logistics management, and solid field supervision.

  • Planning:
    • Development of schedules,
    • Equipment and materials requirements,
    • Manpower requirements
  • Project Management:
    • Coordinating and controlling all the site activities
    • Coordinating specialty contractors
    • Financial planning and cost controlling and reporting
    • Interaction with architects and engineers
    • Gathering and evaluating bids
    • Engineering solutions and quick adaptation to design changes
  • Construction Logistics:
    • Air and Ground Shipping
    • Importation and Usage Permits
    • Warehousing
    • Schedule Management
  • Staffing, Implementation, and Field Supervision:
    • Recruitment of necessary workforce
    • Daily management of workforce
    • Execution of Work Plan