Products : Information Technology

Local Area Networks

TelHouse provides the following services:


  • Networking & Engineering
  • Network Hardware Procurement
  • Network Design & Deployment
  • Database Installation
  • Cabling & Wiring
  • Cabling Layout Designs (CAT5E, CAT5E FTP, CAT6, CAT6 FTP, Fiber Optic, CATV)
  • Router, Switch & Hub Installation
  • Desktop Computer Installation
  • Server Room Installation
  • Phone System Installation
  • Hardware & Software Installation
  • Wireless Camera Installation
  • Technical Support
  • Onsite Desktop, Laptop & Server Support
  • Internet Connectivity Troubleshooting
  • Crisis Support & Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Server Management & Bug Fixes
  • VPN Connectivity Help
  • Email & DNS Troubleshooting
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Installation

  • At first glance, the task of any network is to transmit data, but the real situation requires clarification of the data type, quantity and the data transmission directions. We take the responsibility of analyzing such requirements and producing a network design that would ensure maximum performance. In addition, we have experience with redesigning existing networks by identifying bottlenecks and/or design flaws, how users and resources are located physically, whether the task priority of traffic types is necessary and which services within the network needs more protection.

    TelHouse designs all networks with special attention to redundancy and fault-tolerance issues and we can design sophisticated data backup, disaster recovery and network security solutions. TelHouse has successfully designed networks with different functionalities including local and office networks, building’s scale networks, geographically remote networks, virtual private networks, fault-tolerant networks, universal networks for multimedia transmission, wireless networks and storage area networks.


    TelHouse technical team has a wide experience in the physical design and installation of a variety of projects. Our installation team will transform the logical design into a functional network that ensures meeting the design objectives. Based on the project location, building structure and the required network draft, our team will calculate the technical aspects of the equipment and additional services, consider any further growth of the network and create the most efficient installation plan. We have experience installing a variety of equipment from different vendors and we can ensure that our clients will get a reliable, simple, easy to use and carefully performed structured cabling system.

    Maintenance and support

    At TelHouse, we have learned that there is absolutely no substitute for a well designed and well supported network environment. This is why we take a proactive approach to prevent and address problems before they happen. We have invested our expertise in creating our industry leading IT technical service plans that are customized for small and medium sized businesses. Our specialists can provide consulting and support services for networking and security vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft and Linux. We address the majority of our clients problems over the phone or the Internet, using remote control administration; thus minimizing downtime and reducing repair costs. Our services are available round the clock, 24 x 7. No matter what a problem might be, there is only one call to make.


    TelHouse has through knowledge in scalable modular data center solutions to plan, design and build flexible, cost effective and energy efficient Data Centers, Network Operation Centers and Campus Networks with various monitoring intensive control facilities. We help to identify your requirements, capabilities and capacities, and to define your best “green” and high-resiliency options.

    We start by analyzing your specific needs and goals for the project including the operational requirements, space limitations, time constraints and budget objectives. With your goals in mind, our team of designers develops possible configurations. We build design concepts to arrive at the best possible solution for your particular operation.


    There are numerous options for hosting your company’s website. Some companies choose to host their site in-house; however, most companies especially small to mid-size business’s do not have the proper facilities and network to successfully do so. Our facilities have redundant high-speed internet connections, redundant clean power, redundant uninterruptible power, proper cooling, physical security, administration and data security. We only use name brand servers and hardware with support contracts in place. All servers run SAS Hardware RAID1. You have the option to get a dedicated IP address for your web site. We also take special care in securing our clients’ websites with a special toolkit of firewall and anti-virus solutions. We listened and we added the features that our clients wanted. When you compare feature to feature, we are by far one of the best values on the internet for this high quality of products and service.