Customized Logisitic & Supply Services in Iraq

We tailor our services for you

and we get the job done right in Iraq

Our team of experts

have years of experience in their designated fields

Omnnea-me: CUSTOMIZED Logistics & Supply Services

Customized Logistic & Supply Services in Iraq.We tailor our services for you & we get the job done right in Iraq.

Telhouse: Information Technology

At Omnnea-ME, we work diligently to ensure each one of our clients have a solution tailored to their needs. We have the established relationships and networks in Iraq to meet all our customer’s mission critical needs.

 our clients

The company has been providing point to point leased lines, secure internet, and telephone services and has been providing telephone services, secured Internet, and security monitoring solutions for Iraq’s Vice President and more.

Our team of experts have years of experience in their designated fields, enabling us to provide our customers with the highest quality of service, and solutions specific to their needs.


The Procurement Services Office is an agile, strategic service team that designs, initiates, and executes best-in-class procurement policies, procedures, and initiatives to meet the diverse demands of all Omnnea-ME stakeholders. Our center-led process adds value by achieving high productivity and demonstrating financial stewardship through a pro-active, synergistic approach. We focus on consistent contribution and support to the Institute’s goal of leading higher education in preparing students for innovative, creative, and successful careers in a global society.


Be a well-respected strategic partner by creating exceptional value through the consistent delivery of procurement services that exceed customer and industry expectations.